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List of Buried

List of BuriedPrior to 2010, Pioneer Cemetery was believed to have between 600 and 750 people buried on the grounds. A ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey completed in 2011 found only 214 gravesites.  GPR is not infallible, but it is unlikely that more than 400 other graves exist.

Until recently, SFVHS had posted on this website the names of all the 600+ individuals believed to be buried at Pioneer Cemetery in the hopes that relatives would come forward and help identify and perhaps help restore their family plots.

That posting of unconfirmed burials, unfortunately, has caused more harm than good. The magic of the Internet has made it possible for other individuals to copy the unconfirmed information and distribute it throughout time and space, often misleading many eager researchers and websites such as Find A Grave and

For this error in enthusiasm, we apologize.  Only accurate, painstaking research will help narrow the identity of those actually buried at the cemetery.  We caution anyone doing research to dig deeper for authenticated documents if an individual is purported to be a resident-citizen of Pioneer Cemetery.

At this time, the only individuals we can state accurately who are buried at the cemetery are the following, because they have a headstone and GPR confirmed the gravesite:

Existing Tombstones

John W. Allen, July 23, 1843-June 24, 1908 
Theresa A. Allen, March 30, 1851-June 22, 1895

Joseph G. Ansley, 1837-1892 (55)
Linda H. Ansley, 1840-1916 (76)
Henry J. Ansley, 1867-1908 (41)
Eddie L. Ansley, 1869-1891 (22)

Myrtle Charles, 1875-1916 (40)
Sharon Cooley, 1836-1907

Agness H. Danforth, March 1838-May 1903 (65)
George W. Danforth, Dec 1838-Mar 1912 (73)

Anna L. Foster, d. Dec 8, 1911 (22)
Dorothy E. Foster

Maud Mae Lawrence, 1875-1896 (21)
Edgar Joseph Lawrence, 1882-1891 (9)
Helen Amy Lawrence, 1877-1904  (27)
Frank Phillips Lawrence, 1889-1911 (22)

David B. McKinnon, 1882-1917 (35)

Marcia J. Morse, April 19, 1842-July 6,1913 (71)
Elmer Roy Morse, Feb 8, 1877-Oct 22, 1916 (39)

Robert B. Peabody, d. 1916 (77)
Annetta M. Peabody, d Feb 4, 1919 (68)

Andrew J. Praster, No dates
Bertha Praster

Frances N. Reed, 1829-1899 (70)
Ada R. Hammond, 1850-1906 (56)

Lucy B. Reed, June 29,1880-Apr 1, 1897 (16)
Samuel Henry Reed, Dec 30,1888 - Aug 24, 1891 (2)
F.B. Reed, Aug 28,1856-Aug 21,1893 (36)