San Fernando Valley Historical Society

Andres Pico Adobe History

Ranchito RomuloThe Andres Pico Adobe is located on property known as the "Pico Reserve" following the Valley's occupancy and ownership by Andres Pico, General of the Mexican-California armed forces. Although the structure is named after him, Pico was never a resident and instead made the Mission his home during his rancho days, c 1845-1875.

However, the Adobe was occupied by Pico’s son Romulo and ward Caterina Pico who married and lived there from c 1873-1890. They added a second story to the original structure in 1873 in keeping with the fashion of the day. Other wings and rooms were added to the structure at various times and by various subsequent owners.

Andres Pico Adobe HistoryBy the 1930s the building had fallen into disrepair and was carefully restored by archaeologist Dr. Mark R. Harrington, curator of the Southwest Museum. Over time, the Adobe has been modified to accommodate each new owner, but still retains its gracious architecture and ambience of Old California.

Since 1969, the Adobe has been the official headquarters of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society, which manages the building for the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.