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We sincerely regret there will be no Speaker Meetings until we get the “All Clear”. The Adobe, Park, and Pioneer Cemetery are also closed. Stay safe, stay home, stay connected.

You Are a Part of History

Greetings from San Fernando Valley

Stories draw us in. Stories help us identify and understand. It is perhaps the personal experiences of ordinary people that intrigue us most when learning history. For example, Ken Burns’ wonderful PBS history programs not only narrate photos, but infuse the programs with the reading of diaries and letters of those who were witness to the events.

We are a historical society. We are living an historic event. Why not start a record of your thoughts, observations and experiences? Take photos. Reflect back to the start. How has it changed life for you and those you love and care about? What are your thoughts about your neighborhood walks, the government, the media, the rumors, and all those who are risking their lives to help us? How does it feel to see empty shelves? What is it like to stay inside for long periods? What do you do to keep your sanity? Your children’s sanity? How do you get food? How do you handle the fear and isolation? Did it change how you interacted with your family? Did you get the virus? How was your medical care? What good came from your experiences?

We don’t yet know how this story will end. We would like you to share your personal stories. They can be articles or even a simple paragraph. Send them to or the SFVHS mailing address. We will gather them together. One hundred years from now, people reading your stories will be enlightened and intrigued. You are a part of history. Thank you!

Thank you to SFVHS Board member Richard Besone and Doug Cohn from the Englewood (CO) Historic Preservation Society for their ideas on this.

Wanted: Tour Guides

Do you love history? (Of course you do!) Would you like to share your enthusiasm with school children as they tour the Andres Pico Adobe? You may be the person we are looking for! We need folks to help with the tours for children and adults. Tours are typically in the morning during the week. You might show children how the wash was done back in the day with a washboard and wringer, or show them how kitchen gadgets were used. Or maybe you have an expertise to share like spinning or weaving? You can help as much or as little as your time allows. You need not be an expert, just willing to learn a bit at time. Come join us! Contact the SFVHS office for more information.

Curiouser and Curiouser: What Do You Want to Learn About?

Is there something in the Andres Pico Adobe or Pioneer Cemetery that piqued your curiosity? They are so full of interesting stories to tell and worthy of further investigation. Is there some aspect of Valley history you want to learn more about? We love researching and would enjoy providing you more information. Write us at and let us know.

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Activities at the Andres Pico Adobe Park are presented in collaboration with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks